Sunday, 13 September 2015

My farm story - milking the cows

This is our workman Danny he's putting cups on the cows for milking, he milks twice a day and he lives on our farm in one of our workers houses on our property with his wife and his three kids, he has a dog called Mo.
The cups suck the milk out of their udders and it gets pumped into the tanks so the milk company can pick it up. The tankers come once a day to collect the milk.

My farm story - Three little pigs

These are our Pigs that we got over the weekend, my dad bought them off trade me for meat for our family and our workmen, They are still young so will wait until they are older before we kill them with a bullet.
I like pork chops and bacon, they are some of my most favourite things from pigs.
The squeal and are really noisy sometimes.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My Farm story - Dehorning

These two photos are to do with dehorning The first one is  for the calfs to to get rid of the horns by burning them off with the gas.

The bottom one is the cattle yards where they lineup behind each other one at a time to get dehorned 
That hurts the Bulls.

My farm story - My cool family

This is a picture of my family, my mum and dad my five sisters and me and our two dogs Monty and Jake, i'm the youngest and only boy in the family.
My two older sisters don't live at home, One lives in Christchurch and one in Auckland.
This photo is taken outside our pool on the farm last summer.

Monday, 7 September 2015

My farm story - Poop ponds

This is a photo of one of our effluent ponds it catchers the raw sewage from the cows and when it's collected it is pumped underground to our paddocks, then we spray it on the fields with a irrigator to help the grass grow.
We have two effluent ponds at the farm and the smaller one pumps into the bigger one.